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Meet Our Cuddlers

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Flexibility

Let's get to know our Cuddlers. At K9 and Feline Daycare Services, LLC we are a family that truly values our pets and yours. As a family, we have enjoyed having pets, growing up with them, and also volunteering to help them at various animal shelters. We are here to help ease your worries of finding a suitable sitter and ensuring your pets are well taken care of.

Kaaliyah, Founder of k9 and Feline Daycare Services



Gloria, Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Sabrina, Assistant HR


Assistant HR

Jasper, Dog Walker


Dog Walker


pet sitters International

Pet Sitters International

Pet Safety Crusader

Pet Safety Crusader

SWAM LOGO, small women and Minority Owned Business

Small Women- and Minority- Owned Business

We are Pet CPR Qualified!

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